Baldness Pleasure

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  • 2011

Isabelle Boinot (b. 1976) graduated from her art studies in Angoulême in 1999 and is currently based in Paris. For the exhibition Baldness Pleasure she has compiled a series of embroidery based on absurd situations, displacements and deformations. The contrast between the motifs and the traditional usage of the technique has attracted her to explore the medium the recent years.

It all started when Boinot began to question her own practice, searching for ways to slow down the speed and spend more time on each image while maintaining her distinctive drawing expression. She asked her grandmother, who is a seamstress, to teach her the craft and then began to transfer ideas from paper to fabric. Boinot’s imagery unfolds on old laced handkerchiefs, in red and blue yarn – as a tribute to classic embroidery, but with a clear discrepancy.

Baldness Pleasure presents slightly flawed and half-naked men who all have one thing in common; their baldness. Boinot explains her fascination for men with bald heads as based on a humorous aspect of and play with a complex and clichéd concept of masculinity:

I really like men with baldness. It’s for me a sign of virility, but it’s not very pleasant for them and their ego, so it’s a perfect mix of hero and anti-hero, strength and weakness. Also, as I like contrasts and ambiguity, I find it interesting to let those guys play together.”

The exhibition at KRETS is Isabelle Boinot’s first solo exhibition in Sweden. Her work could most recently be seen at Vacant Gallery in Tokyo (2010).

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