Winter in the Cowshed

  • 26.11

  • -
  • 15.1

  • 2011

New Zealand-based Richard Pearse (b. 1982) is an autodidact artist who works almost exclusively with recycled wood materials. He has participated in many group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, but the exhibition at KRETS is his first solo exhibition. From fragments of old timber houses, driftwood and other found wood material, Pearse creates collages full of geometric patterns, grids and color codes. The work is abstract, but in the recycled material stories of times and places arise, that otherwise might have fallen into oblivion:

I think there is real beauty in the found timber. Each piece of timber has such history, and in most cases they’ve been ripped down from old homes, destined to be dumped or even set on fire. I think it’s nice for example that timber from my parents place can be eternalised in these art pieces.”

Pearse works systematically with his material and allows the compositions to take shape gradually, based on the various bit’s peculiar colors and characteristics. Traces of time and the course of nature have been kept, to form the foundation of each work. Central is also a kind synaesthetic process, in which colors and shapes are often composed with links to musical elements, tones and rhythms.

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