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  • 2007

During four weeks KRETS presents four exhibitions. Even though the artists have been asked to work within a common framework, 4:4 is not a regular group show – but rather four very short solo shows and an experiment with the exhibition format as such.

Opening dates:
Nov. 17 – Matt Furie
Nov. 24 – Holly Stevenson
Dec. 1 – Peter Larsson
Dec. 8 – Sumi Ink Club

MATT FURIE (Nov. 17 – 23)
Matt Furie was born in Ohio but is currently based in San Francisco. Furie collects toys and makes drawings full of colorful figures and fables in dirty and slightly macabre situations, often with references to contemporary popular culture. He has previously exhibited in e.g. San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

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HOLLY STEVENSON (Nov. 24 – 30)
Holly Stevenson is based in New York. Her work is often plain and naivistic, generally made with pencil. She recently released the book Mexican Love Story on Nieves, in connection to her exhibition Haunted Hallway at Riviera Gallery in Brooklyn. Stevenson’s work has previously been published in magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Nylon, Rojo, Arkitip, Oyster and BustKRETS shows a selection of her drawings.

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PETER LARSSON (Dec. 1 – 7)
Peter Larsson is currently a student at Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. His practice includes animation, drawing and printmaking. Together with Lars Nilsson he runs Hockey Rawk, an independent label that publishes limited edition books, zines, records and cassettes. The exhibition at KRETS shows a large selection of the artist’s distinctive and detailed ink drawings.

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SUMI INK CLUB (Dec. 8 – 14)
Sumi Ink Club is a participatory drawing project established in 2005 by Los Angeles-based artists Sarah Rara och Luke Fischbeck. Other projects by the artists include the bands Glaciers and Lucky Dragons, the dance collective Body City and the small publication label Glaciers of Nice. At KRETS they show Purple and Gold, a series of ink drawings made in collaboration with guest artists Isabelle Albuquerque and Jon Beasley.

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