• 6.10

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  • 4.11

  • 2007

Welcome to the opening of KRETS and our first exhibition ever: Potomor by Paris-based Shoboshobo. The door will be open from 18.00 and aside from the exhibition we have invited Rough Bunnies and Luva to perform some good tunes.

About Shoboshobo:
Shoboshobo/Mehdi Hercberg (b. 1973) is an artist, illustrator, musician and teacher in graphic design and multimedia at Ecole Estienne in Paris. His project Shoboshobo initially also involved Japanese artists and musicians – and toured around Japan as an art bus with interactive and collaborative happenings. Shoboshobo also makes prints on clothing, mainly colorful monsters on t-shirts and sweatshirts. His graphical work can be found in magazines and books published by e.g. Pictoplasma, Rojo, Nieves, Dazed & Confused, Pig, Tokyon, Code and Modart. Shoboshobo recently started his publishing project Shoboshobo books, releasing small-scale printed matter in limited editions. He regularly collaborates with artists such as Hendrik Hegray, Jonas Delaborde, Andy Bolus, Yu Matsuoka, Stephane Prigent, Jon Burgerman, Sam Borkson and Andrea Crews – and has shown his work in countries like Japan, France, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Potomor is his first solo exhibition in Sweden.

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