Missing the Moon

  • 11.10

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  • 9.11

  • 2008

Jessica Williams was born in Alaska (1986) but is currently based in Brooklyn, New York, where she recently graduated from The Cooper Union. Williams works in many different media; photography, collage, drawing and installation. In her first solo exhibition in Sweden, she will show a selection of photographs, mainly from a journey through California.

Williams’ work is often conceptual and sets out to explore the self and its relation to the natural world and other surroundings. It also reflects on the relation between image and reality and whether it is possible to experience a certain kind of beauty without the freezing of a moment in an image:

To me the images from California especially are very meditative and all have this weird sheen or crystalline quality. At once unquestionably solid but also ethereal and unreal. For me they represent this unreal beauty that cannot exist outside a photograph/the stopping of time.”

The title Missing the Moon is a song by the English pop band The Field Mice. Williams motivates with the following words: “I like it because it’s long and kind of boring but also amazing and dreamy. It’s a dance song but it’s not. It’s also a love song but it’s not.” The same kind of moods appear in her own images.

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