För mänsklighetens bästa i tio år

  • 29.11

  • -
  • 21.12

  • 2008

The sound art group Laika is celebrating ten years of production with a retrospective exhibition at KRETS.

Laika started as a student radio in Lund, focusing on culture and critical theory. They later moved on to explorations of screen and computer speakers with the sound magazine www.laika.nu, followed by happenings and installations. The past three years, Laika have published their quarterly Viktigt meddelande! – a podcast to the public, transmitted simultanously as the signal ”Viktigt meddelande till allmänheten” (test signal for emergency population warning) blasts over cities across Sweden.

November 29: Opening reception and publication release
December 20: Live tape performance

On November 15, Laika will pre-start their exhibition project with a local radio transmission that contains all Viktigt meddelande! podcasts ever recorded. Information about the frequency will be shown in KRETS’ window. Also keep your eyes and ears open on December 1 (15.00), when Laika will pass on the responsibility of the signal Viktigt meddelande! to the public.

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