Black Op

  • 5.4

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  • 4.5

  • 2008

Saturday April 5, KRETS invites you to the opening of Monica Tormell’s Black Op
. On her visit from Amsterdam, Tormell has constructed installations based on ideas about satanism and detrimental national romanticism. Luva will drone and Savant will lurk around the whole evening. The following day, the artist will hold a workshop in which she will show how to invert vinyl records to decrypt hidden messages. Bring your records and meet us for Sunday coffee and a modification workshop!

”Black Op” is a term often used in political-, military- and business related contexts. In a Black Operation one part is allowed to act in the dark, without any ethical or legal obligations. Tormells’s installations consist of objects, her ”savants”, programmed to execute certain tasks. One seeks for hidden messages in records played backwards, so-called blackmasking – which got public attention when The Beatles on their recording sessions turned the reel to reel tapes around, in order to create mystical effects that could be interpreted as messages. The backmasking effect was also used in black metal circles and branched out in the sub-genres devoted to satanistic references. Tormell’s installations deal with different aspects of satanism and its mythology. Detrimental national romanticism and a modified version of blackmasking creates her own ”Black Op”.

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