Mount Eerie

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  • 8.6

  • 2008

From May to mid-June Phil Elverum (b. 1978), mostly known as the musician behind The Microphones and Mount Eerie, will exhibit his photographic work at KRETS. This will be the first exhibition of its kind, mainly showing photographs from the book/record Mount Eerie pts. 6 & 7. Elverum describes the exhibition as follows:

This will be an exhibition of photos of natural light in the natural world, distorted and brought to life by ambient moonlight, expired film, antique cameras, and long night exposures. The photos are the visual counterpart to all of the music of The Microphones and Mount Eerie, spanning almost a decade. Also there will be some new ink paintings.

For those familiar with Elverum’s music, the moods in his visual work will be well-known, since they mediate a similar sublime atmosphere. Mount Eerie will also perform a special set on the opening reception.

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