Jordens Undergång

  • 19.1

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  • 17.2

  • 2008

Jordens Undergång is Malmö-based artist Push the Button/Rasmus Svensson’s (b. 1983) first solo exhibition. During four weeks, a large selection of drawings, photographs and silkscreened prints will be shown at the gallery. Aside from works on paper, there will be an installation and a mural. On the opening reception there will be a live performace by Beatles.

Push the Button introduces himself and the exhibition:

Year 1994 a group of tourists get attacked by dolphins during a visit at the amusement park Water World in Colorado, USA.

Year 2001 three people travelling by car to Stockholm catch a cloud formation that looks like a skull. It was visible in the sky for ten minutes and during that time rap-metal was played on the radio.

Year 2034 polar scientists find a video cassette with the movie ”Water World” with Kevin Costner. They also find the movie ”Field of Dreams” with the same actor and ”Splash”, a charming romantic comedy with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. Full of new hope the polar scientists return to the now water-covered European continent in order to build a new city.

Back to year 2008. Push the Button is an illegal motorcycle gang established in Malmö in 2001 by the then fifteen-year-old Rasmus Svensson. Aside from riding motorcycle, PTB has released records, performed music in different parts of the world, stayed in a small cabin in the Russian primeval forest, been published in several magazines and books, taken roller coaster rides in an abandoned shopping-mall in Osaka, made posters for music gigs and so on.