Return to Sender


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  • 31.8

  • 2008

This spring KRETS invited a selection of artists to participate in our summer exhibition Return to Sender. We sent out an envelope containing a zip lock bag, a piece of paper, a pencil and return postage in their country’s currency. The only instruction was to only use the material in the package. Aside from that, no themes or guidelines. By the end of June, we had received 22 recycled envelopes with pencil drawings ranging from pierced hotdogs to indians and skateboarding beefcakes/bodybuilders. In August, these works will be shown at KRETS.

Participating artists:
Alex Bec
Monica Canilao
Matthew Feyld
Matt Furie
Jay Howell
Martha Hviid
Kelly Lynn Jones
Misaki Kawai
Peter Larsson
Jan Lun Lee
Ashley Macomber
Hanna Terese Nilsson
Eric Shaw
Keith Shore
Holly Stevenson
Sumi Ink Club
Rasmus Svensson
Monica Tormell
Damian Weinkrantz
Megan Whitmarsh
Jessica Williams
Andrew Jeffrey Wright