Now Breathe


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  • 15.11

  • 2009

Now Breathe
 is Richard Colman’s (b. 1976) first solo exhibition in Sweden. In his work, bears, lions and weird characters blend with vanitas motifs and colorful geometrical formations. The often violent and absurd imagery reminiscents of Henry Darger’s dreamlike landscapes inhabited by Vivian Girls and loaded with religious symbolism. Colman often returns to themes such as sex, violence and death, but with a distinct sense of black humor. In several of his new works, these scenes take place in kaleidoscopic environments full of color and elaborate patterns.

Colman is based in San Francisco and has previously exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London and Copenhagen. His exhibition at KRETS includes drawings and paintings, in a room painted completely blue. The title Now Breathe
 is an indication of this play with the room, which seeks to immerse the beholder in a world disconnected from the chaos of everyday life.

A few copies of Colman’s limited edition book I Was Just Leaving: The Dirty Version will be for sale on the opening. The book includes drawings excluded from the first edition of I Was Just Leaving from 2006.

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