Antipodal Neighbors

  • 13.2

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  • 14.3

  • 2010

Antipodal Neighbors is a series of paintings based on a selection of geographical antipodes. The sites are described through specific buildings, statues and transportation systems, the movement of weather, flora and fauna. With an attention to details, the artist explores the mystical strangeness of ordinary objects. The mundane and the epic are puzzled together to draw attention to what is around us and to question what it may mean. The panels are presented as diptychs, with one hung under the other, upside-down. By putting the antipodes in dialogue, the beholder is encouraged to reflect on the relationships as well as the very concepts of reality.

Aside from the paintings, the exhibition also includes soft sculptures in the shape of animals, which, as the depicted sites, are antipodal neighbors on the earth. In Muskopf’s world, oversized representations of cockroaches from across the world appear as storytellers, speaking of creation myths and stories from past eras. Jennifer Muskopf (b. 1971) lives and works in San Francisco.

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