• 9.10

  • -
  • 30.11

  • 2010

KNOCK KNOCK is a group exhibition curated by KRETS (Anna Granqvist and Cindy Lee) that takes place at Needles & Pens in San Francisco. The exhibition is part of an international exchange project initiated in 2010, when Needles & Pens (Andrew Martin Scott and Breezy Culbertson) visited KRETS and Malmö to present Hello Sweden.

19 artists participate in KNOCK KNOCK, which includes sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and collage, as well as a site-specific work by Richard Colman. KRETS has also gathered a large selection of zines, artist books and other printed matter, together with releases from independent labels such as Psychic Malmö, Kosmisk Väg, Neosordo, Oscillatone and Hockey Rawk. Little Wings and Death Cheetah will perform at the opening reception.

Participating artists:
Richard Colman
Phil Elverum
Matthew Feyld
AJ Fosik
James Benjamin Franklin
Kim Hiorthøy
Johanna Jackson
Chris Johanson
Misaki Kawai
Peter Larsson
Jennifer Muskopf
Malin Gabriella Nordin
Jeff Olsson
Ragnar Persson
Keith Shore
Danilo Stankovic
Holly Stevenson
Megan Whitmarsh