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  • 2010

KRETS and NEON proudly present the beginning of an exciting collaboration that extends between Brösarp and Malmö. First up is a residency project where Canadian artist Matthew Feyld has been invited to visit for one month, in order to build three-dimensional versions of his wayward paintings. The exhibitions at KRETS and NEON will circulate around the same themes, but differ in color codes and characters. Both exhibitions will consist of new paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations.

Matthew Feyld (b. 1985) grew up and works in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in central Canada. He initially became known for his semi-surreal drawings and paintings, which often involved stylized and colorful characters and animals, interacting with each other in different ways (or sometimes being pierced by trees). Images in which discomfort is always present and with inspiration drawn from Canadian inuit artists such as Peter Pitseolak and Jessie Oonark, as well as modernists such as Paul Klee and Willem de Kooning.

Feyld has since then developed his painting into a more pure style, with portraits and still lifes. Recurring motifs are the face, the fruit bowl, the cut off hands and the man with the round butt. Ceramic bowls reminiscent of earlier still lifes (but with a twist) and Feyld sees the similarity between the thing and the human as a symbol of our fragility. He says that his work loosely recreates everyday life in a fragmented, lonely and sometimes funny way. Despite the rather serious tone in some images, the humor is always present and Feyld’s desire for the audience’s reaction is to provoke a smile.

Feyld has previously exhibited at KRETS (Malmö), Giant Robot (NYC, San Francisco), Cinders (Brooklyn), Rough Trade (London), Third Drawer Down Gallery (Australia), Together Gallery (Portland) and Grasshut (Portland). His images have appeared in NY Times Magazine and Ruby Magazine, and been shown at art fairs such as Bridge Art Fair (UK), Aqua Art Fair and Gen Art Vanguard, which coincides with Art Basel in Miami.

Untitled 1
Sept. 4 – 30
273 50 Brösarp

Untitled 2
Sept. 11 – Oct. 10
Kristianstadsgatan 16
214 23 Malmö

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