Sleeping Village

  • 13.11

  • -
  • 12.12

  • 2010

KRETS is happy to present a solo exhibition by Stockholm-based artist Ragnar Persson (b. 1980). In Persson’s peculiar work, heavy metal aesthetics are mixed with cute deers, howling wolves and twittering birds. The exhibition Sleeping Village presents a large selection of drawings with an outset in small towns and villages – and what is to be found there after the sun has set and the lights have been turned off:

Behind the facade of the big house left to the train station after the larger asphalted road cutting through the area where the houses are a little bit bigger and newer than down by the harbor where people above 60 years old live in a little older houses which with the passing of the time have been crooked by the wind, the small harbor is not used anymore, the fishermen have withdrawn, occasionally some kids fish crabs during the summers, on the right side of the pier the beach is rocky and to the left sandy, straight up to the right from there is the bank that turned into a grocery store that turned into a hair salon that turned into a fast-food stand and after that was left empty, around there stand the newly built sand-lime brick houses with two adults and at least one kid in each, two turns after the dirt road there are flat three-floor houses without balconies, with at least two empty apartments, somewhere there it all begins.

Ragnar Persson graduated from Konstfack (University Collage of Art and Design) 2007 and has previously exhibited in Tokyo, Istanbul, New York, Berlin, London and Reykjavik. Most recently at WAS in Copenhagen, together with Nadine Byrne. He also participates in KRETS’ group show KNOCK KNOCK at Needles & Pens in San Francisco (Oct. 9 – Nov. 30). Parallel to the exhibitions he constantly releases limited edition zines full of metal heads, wild animal and skulls.

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