Min gamla hud är nu för stor


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  • 31.7

  • 2011

Jenny Nordberg (b. 1978) is an industrial designer and one half of Apocalypse Labotek, a design- and innovation studio that since 2007 has been working exclusively with sustainable and environment-conscious strategies. Last year they were awarded the Wallpaper Design Award for The Parquet, a rubber floor made ​​of recycled car tires. They are also known for The Soap, a soap based on recycled deep frying oil from local falafel kitchens in Malmö.

Min gamla hud är nu för stor presents a different side of Nordberg’s fascination for design objects and interior design. In the absurd and often randomly performed, she finds an aesthetic angle which serves as a commentary on contemporary style, as well as political ideals and tendencies.

I collect images from the Internet. Since 2005, Blocket is one category. Blocket is fascinating. For most part it gives an uncensored glimpse into the Swedish people’s homes. The images reveal much more than what is actually for sale. Ever since I started to collect these images, I’ve made up titles for them. Thereby they often get a new or extended meaning. Maybe a story unfolds, about the person behind the ad, or about the time in which the image was published. I also find it exciting to follow the trends of home styling, and through Blocket interpret when they are at their peak, or when they have passed. The images, together with their titles, have also become a way for me to comment on trends and events within society – related to interior design, but also to politics. Over the years I have noticed how the technological development has made the Swedes more used to sell stuff online. To my disappointment, it has also contributed to the findings becoming more rare.”

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