It’s a Long Way Back

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  • 2011

Bits of paper cut-outs, fragments of hand-drawn figures, colorful patterns, woodcut prints and fabric, are just some of the elements that make up Luke Best’s approach to image-making. Often without a fixed starting point, he forms narratives layered with codes and references to a world that has long since passed. Best creates both single and sequential images, which mediate a sense of unease and melancholy. The unseen is celebrated and our usual perspective on the world seems to have parts missing. There is often a sense of the work as being slightly unfinished, in a state of flux. It has had a life before and will continue to change after the viewer has moved on. It’s a Long Way Back
 draws inspiration from a plaque found in Portland, commemorating a flood that occurred in the 1800s. This text, together with references to e.g. city centre paving, CCTV violence, streets illuminated by sperm oil lamps, spas, surfing and ancient beasts, unites both historical and contemporary events in order to create landscapes where mankind is on the edge of both extinction and discovery. ”Softly, silently the waters crept up, inch by inch giving ample time for the removal of goods and other precautionary measures and then gradually receded. There was no raging waters, no sweeping destructive currents. Nothing but a gradual submersion.” – Oregon Historical Society file 1532.4 Luke Best (b. 1977) is based in London, where he works as an artist, illustrator and designer. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2001 and has since then worked with both commercial and personal projects – both on his own and as a collaborative member of the influential illustration collective Peepshow. His practice includes video and animation, self-published books, window displays, art directory and homemade spacesuits. His clients have included Channel 4, Nylon Magazine, New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, MTV, Mencap, Saatchi & Saatchi, Brikabrak Records and The Victoria & Albert Museum. Best 
is represented by London- and New York-based Heart Agency. More information: