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  • 2011

Malin Gabriella Nordin (b. 1988) is originally from Stockholm but currently lives in Norway, where she studies Fine Arts at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Based on theories of consciousness and perception, she constructs organically shaped models that seem to hover in a state beyond time and space, in a kind of dreamy reality.

By imagining objects and surroundings without actual boundaries, Nordin strives to reach a state in which atoms and molecules are mixed together in order to form new constellations. She works with collage, sculpture, drawing and painting – often in combination and interaction with each other. A collage is turned into a sketch for a sculpture that is turned into a model for a drawing, which eventually is turned into a painting. A reflection of what happens when a work wanders from one medium to another.

Together with e.g. Richard Colman, Chris Johanson and Misaki Kawai, Nordin participated in the group exhibition KNOCK KNOCK, curated by KRETS at Needles & Pens in San Francisco (2010). Vacation is her first solo exhibition and includes a series of thematically linked collages and sculptures.

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