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  • 2012

Amy Lockhart (b. 1975) lives in Canada, where she works as an artist, filmmaker and animator. Ladies is her first solo exhibition outside of Canada and includes a selection of paintings, drawings and sculptures that circles around mass-produced conceptions of body ideals and identity. Throughout Lockhart’s practice – from working processes to materials and aesthetics – there is clearly articulated hints to what is often referred to as low- or popular culture.

I am interested in the visual language of graphic art and in popular culture’s ability to enforce a shared fantasy of what is real. I use these materials and processes to express my idiosyncratic view of the world, from my peculiar films and paintings to reproductions of everyday objects from my life. In doing so, I appreciate the beauty in the mundane, as well as the power of individuals to define their own reality, rather than having one imposed upon them.”

Handmade interpretations of everyday objects, often made ​​with simple materials such as cardboard, paper and wallpaper adhesive, transform the familiar into something warped and somewhat surreal. A pair of boots and a group of red pumps stand oddly deserted, and seem to exist in a kind of vacuum or an absurd parallel reality. Recurrent is also a parody of macho fantasies and a celebration of strong female characters. The subjects are mostly women – some based on real models, others humorously fictional. These always seem to be in the midst of an action or a movement, but the lack of surrounding environment and context fill the images with mystery and gaps that the viewers must fill in themselves. Among the ladies we find bodybuilders with wide necks and galloping hairlines, posing muscle bundles with lips painted red and a self-portrait with sceptical and hazy gaze and the tongue stuck out. References to pop art and cartoons are interspersed with references to ancient times, somewhere in-between fantasy and reality.

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Parallel to the exhibition KRETS will arrange an animation workshop together with the artist. The workshop will be held on Sunday, April 1, and start with a screening of Lockhart’s animated films. Read more here: Animation workshop with Amy Lockhart.