I Belong Nowhere

  • 13.10

  • -
  • 11.11

  • 2012

I Belong Nowhere is the second solo exhibition at KRETS for Amsterdam-based artist Monica Tormell (b. 1976). The exhibition includes video work, sculptures and photographs, circulating around concepts such as landscape, place and belonging. Tormell has over the recent years travelled between Amsterdam, Sweden and the Caribbean. Places she knows well but where she – because of language, history, customs and cultural codes – is constantly reminded that she does not belong:

“Perhaps that is why the details of these places mean so much to me. When I walk in the woods or wilderness, and when I’m alone in a cabin on the Swedish countryside or in a house on Curaçao, I get a sense of belonging. It’s not about countries or national identity, but more about connecting to a place – a feeling, atmosphere or mood.”

These places are highlighted and interwoven to create a new form of reality, where opposites and contrasts play a crucial role. The work is closely connected to Moon & Sun, a musical project that started in Curaçao in 2009. The project is a mix of real places, events and instruments – a kind of self-invented mythology and a drift from one place to another. National boundaries and time horizons appear to be more fluid; past, present and future more vague and diffuse. The places are geographically dispersed, but combined with dreams and obsessions they are bound together to form a subjective whole.

In connection to the opening KRETS will release a limited edition publication together with the artist.

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