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  • 2012

Zzzzzzzzzz is the third solo exhibition at KRETS by Paris-based artist Shoboshobo/Mehdi Hercberg (b. 1973). His first was Potomor (2007), an exhibition that focused on drawings, audio works and limited edition prints. This was followed by the interactive exhibition project Colour Me (2009), where the visitors were asked to colour the plenitude of characteristic figures that had been sketched onto the gallery walls. The artist has also participated in several group exhibitions and workshops.

The recent year, Shoboshobo has started to work on more large-scale and three-dimensional projects – with immense sculptures depicting slumbering giants. The project with the giants started with an exhibition in Greece and later continued to France and Belgium. The ten-meter-long creature that now occupies KRETS is produced in Malmö. The subject and theme is taken from northern France, where the artist grew up with carnivals and festivals that praised the region’s strong giant tradition.

At the same time, there are obvious links to his earlier work; the fascination for the deviant and odd and the attraction to the mythical and fantastic. The new work is also a way to experiment with volume and spatiality, in order to create new forms of relations between artwork and beholder.

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Thanks to Frigolitfabriken and Tryckfolket.