Neon Junk

  • 7.9

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  • 6.10

  • 2013

In her second solo exhibition at KRETS, Los Angeles-based artist Megan Whitmarsh (b. 1972) shows a large-scale and site-specific wall collage, as well as a series of textile “paintings” and “drawings”. The collage consists of several soft sculptures – rich in detail and constructed by hand. In the installation, everyday objects (office materials, bananas and bling-bling) are combined with artefacts from past and contemporary popular culture. These re-fabrications function as a reflection of our collective material history – in a rueful yet bold kind of Pop art, which explores the relation between cultural and subjective narratives.

Whitmarsh works in several media (painting, drawing, comics and stop motion animation), but predominantly with textiles and old-fashioned embroidery. She is known for her soft sculptures and characteristic embroideries, inhabited by Yetis, Star Wars characters, break dance dancers and King Kong. Whitmarsh has shown internationally, including shows in New York, Seoul, Los Angeles, Reykjavik, Toronto, Miami, Brussels and Barcelona. Most recently at New Image Art (Los Angeles) and Jack Hanley Gallery (New York).

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