Wood Sculptures

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  • 24.3

  • 2013

Merijn Hos (b. 1978) is an artist and illustrator based in The Netherlands. After his graduation from School of Visual Arts in Utrecht 2004, he has shown separately in cities such as New York, Brussels and Madrid. He has contributed to several group shows, magazines and publications internationally.

The exhibition at KRETS will present the artist’s work for the first time in Sweden. Wood Sculptures includes 122 new sculptures – a continuation on a series that previously was exhibited at Stedelijk Museum Kampen (The Netherlands) and Beginnings (New York). Motifs and shapes, which often occur in Hos’ illustrations, have been simplified, cut out in wood and painted with acrylic paint. Everyday objects and faces – with references to art brut, folk art and designers such as Alexander Girard – create a plenitude that fills up the room.

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