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  • 16.6

  • 2013

Museums Press is an independent publishing house currently based in Glasgow, out of their bookshop and project space Good Press. Since the inaugural release (Museums One) in 2009, they have continued to release a series of compilation style box sets, numerous books and countless zines, as well as contributing to various exhibitions and publishing events. Through a belief that a process will occur and naturally form when acting collaboratively with community in mind, Museums Press have formed lasting relationships with many of their fellow artists – acting as facilitators for independent art activity.

During the exhibition at KRETS, they intend to show materials directly relating to Museums Press’ activities since their beginnings. WAKA WAKA WAKA acts to present a subjective view of the process of independent publishing ­– with a walk through of the objects gathered, shared, swapped, retained and naturally produced ­­– to celebrate the process of working with others.

Alongside this extensive archive, a new publication by Nick Ainsworth will be developed, notes towards an essay on community and fairness will be updated, and Good Press will provide a selection of zines and books from artists and publishers in the UK, as well as titles from Museums Press-related practitioners.

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