For The Record

  • 6.9

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  • 5.10

  • 2014

For the Record is a collaborative project formulated by Plan B and KRETS, presenting the following artists and participants:

Karl Georg Staffan Björk
Father Futureback
Leif Holmstrand & Ia Neumüller
Magnus Monfeldt 
Jenny Nordberg
Red Light Radio
Etta Säfve
Koen Taselaar & Wouter Venema 
Monica Tormell

Through a series of events – ranging from artist presentations, screenings and a workshop, to performances, a city walk and an evolving exhibition – we will host a program divided into four interwoven chapters. Linking Dutch and Swedish artists, designers and experimental musicians, these chapters will deal with and celebrate independent artistic practices – and concepts such as meeting, producing, participating and sharing content. Touching upon elements such as authorship, authenticity and cultural background, we will explore what connects us beyond statistics.

Click for program (PDF file).

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Thanks to DutchCulture.