She Geometry

  • 29.4

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  • 28.5

  • 2017

KRETS is pleased to present the first exhibition in Sweden by Chicago-based artist Alice Tippit. Though working across a range of disciplines, Tippit mainly focuses on painting and drawing to explore domains related to language and meaning-making.  She uses simple forms, rendered in a boldly graphic and hard-edge style, to create visual riddles. Beyond the question posed by each individual work lies an overarching one: how do we decrypt visual language and by what measure?

Composed of familiar shapes, silhouettes and symbols, Tippit’s images operate as signs that demand to be read even as they maintain an intentional ambiguity that denies immediate legibility. By staging these elementary and often monochromatic components as ambiguous elements, she suggestively and humorously examines and challenges how we interpret and assign meaning to images, icons and symbols.

In She Geometry, paintings and drawings are installed alongside found objects and images, reflecting the artist’s interest in representations of the female figure. Two photographs of her grandmother from the 1930s are central to the exhibition. In these, she strikes a pose for the camera, but it comes off as contrived, lifted from the genre of the pin-up. Tippit’s interest in these images lies in her grandmother’s attempt to conform to a specific ideal, as well as her failure to do so. It is this particular space, between intention and effect – however unintended – that serves as a source of inspiration for her elusive imagery.

Alice Tippit (b. 1975) lives and works in Chicago, where she received her MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. Previous solo and group exhibitions include e.g.: Kimmerich, Berlin (2017); Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York (2016, 2015); Paris London Hong Kong, Chicago (2015); Night Club, Chicago (2016, 2014); Jancar Jones, Los Angeles (2012, 2011); and Important Projects, San Francisco (2012).

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