Memories not how you remembered them

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  • 2015

Michael Dumontier (b. 1974) and Neil Farber (b. 1975) are a long-standing Canadian duo, focusing primarily on collaborative painting, working intimately with one another since 1996. As founding members of the highly influential Royal Art Lodge collective (1996–2008), a movement that perfected the imperfection of improvisational painting, Dumontier and Farber’s musings in paint and text carry on in that spirit to this day.

Their work references outsider art’s earnest, underdog aesthetic; somehow turning the act of painting, traditionally a serious, solitary act, into a casual and collaborative affair. From a distance, these colorful images are like pages in a children’s storybook – sunny, cheerful, and populated with people, animals, and fantastical creatures. Up close, they seethe with ironic text and bizarre, downbeat humor, with profound observations on human psychology. Although we might laugh at the absurdity of their imaginary world, we recognize in it the realities of our own.

Dumontier and Farber have shown their work in numerous galleries and museums internationally, both separately and collectively, and their work can be found in many public and private collections, among others, Museum of Modern Art (New York) and the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa). The exhibition at KRETS, co-curated by Matthew Feyld, is the duo’s first solo presentation in Scandinavia.

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