• 29.11

  • -
  • 28.12

  • 2014

In the exhibition Drifters, Gothenburg-based artist Johannes Brander shows a selection of new work. Through different media – such as painting, drawing and sculpture – he builds up transient altar constructions and parallel worlds inhabited by cosmic vigilantes, meditating Rambo figures and anthropologists/ethnobotanists in the outskirts of civilization. A state of the new dawn, the melted brains, the unknown journey, the lost wisdom.

Johannes Brander (b. 1978) holds a MA from Valand Academy in Gothenburg and has previously exhibited at, among other, Galleri Thomassen (Gothenburg), Galleri Magnus Winström (Gothenburg), Udstillingsstedet Q (Copenhagen) and Gallery Steinsland Berliner (Stockholm). He also runs the record label Native Parts Records, and plays in bands such as SKOGAR, Crystal Crypt, Wild Flowers, The Swamp, Heathers/Hollows and Diego LV.

During the opening, a sound installation will be performed live, as a kind of soundtrack to the exhibition. Furthermore, Native Parts Records will release Homerecorded Relax Tapes vol. II, which will be available for purchase.

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