Emergency Horizon

  • 19.3

  • -
  • 17.4

  • 2016

Emergency Horizon is the first solo exhibition at KRETS for Malmö-based artist Maria E Harrysson (b. 1979). The show comprises two- and three-dimensional works, poetically reflecting on the relation between human and nature.

Organic formations extracted from their regular context is a recurring theme in Harrysson’s works. Through fragmentation a sense of disruption is generated, which subtly disturbs familiar concepts, creating a void that we have to fill in ourselves. In a series of drawings, entitled Compensations, stone and shell shapes have been brutally cut, metaphorically reminiscent of the human impact on the environment. In the parallel work Emergency Horizon these shapes reoccur as white spots on an ocean horizon; a reflection on an often romanticized backdrop, but where something is missing.

The sculptural part consists of oversized sea shell formations revolving, both in material and content, around construction and demise. The sculptures are made from mixing buckets with remains and traces of brickwork, that have been cut, turned inside out and reassembled. A symbolic attempt to recreate what the material in itself (plastic made of oil) is in fact destroying.

In connection to the exhibition, a limited edition graphic print will be released, produced by KRETS and the artist in collaboration with KKV Grafik Malmö.

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