Önnestad 20/12 2021

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It all began on the twentieth of December, 2021. Suddenly, hallucinations started to spread in the remote town in the Southeast of Sweden. Nobody could comprehend how these visions permeated landscape and people, emitted from person to person. The scientists’ first hypothesis was that the water had been contaminated.

In this exhibition by the artist Ragnar Persson (b. 1980) and the writer/electronic musician Pär Thörn (b. 1977), documentary photography from a small town in Sweden cohere with contrafactual historiography, science fiction and daydreams. Formalistically, the works comprise film, sound installation, voice-over, minimalist drone music, photography and poetic documents.

Ragnar Persson and Pär Thörn started their collaboration with the book Verkligheten nedtecknas, ges ord, förvanskas och blir del av en ny omformad verklighet (Orosdi-Back, 2012) – a murder story set in a black metal context, narrated around record covers, photographs, trial protocols and fanzine interviews. In conjunction with the exhibition at KRETS, a new collaborative book will be released by Orosdi-Back.