Arkiverat under T

  • 17.11

  • -
  • 17.12

  • 2017

In her second solo exhibition at KRETS, Anna Strand continues to explore image, power and perception as well as the complex relationship between reality, fiction, representation and memory. Arkiverat under T (Archived under T) not only focuses on collection, categorization and mapping, but also on challenging power structures through withdrawal. What is it that frequently appears in image and text and which stories take place outside the frameworks and in the voids?

Strand works with photography, text and found material, and has in her recent projects taken an interest in the concept of collection. In Konversation med I (2016), which was based on the collector I, collecting was put forth as an act of resistance – taking a stand against current norms regarding value and beauty as well as a ritual strategy for abolishing a sense of inferiority and halting the acceleration of time. The exhibition at KRETS elaborates on these ideas, but this time the dispersed, yet interconnected, elements in the archive itself are perceived as acts of defiance; phenomena and behaviors that deviate from general conceptions of how things are or should be.

In Arkiverat under T, the artist combines newspaper clippings and news items with her own texts and photographs, inherited images, books and references to books. A key figure in this archive is Doctor K, but as in Konversation med I and Nagoya Notebook (Strand’s previous exhibition at KRETS) the distinctions between different voices, bodies, places and times are obscured. Through cross-references and connections, stories unfold about silent resistance, how norms are formed and challenged, about the aspiration to map and control – but also occasions when these agreements are dispersed. The archive presents an alternative/parallel mapping and a quest for logic in an otherwise chaotic existence by illuminating unsuspected connections and new possibilities in typographical errors, deliberate intervals and everything in between. How is the manner in which we look at images connected to our understanding of reality, and what happens when we shift our focus?

Anna Strand (b. 1979, Lund) is based in Gothenburg where she graduated from Valand Academy in 2008. In addition to her previous exhibition at KRETS (Nagoya Notebook, 2013) she has had solo shows at Peter Lav Gallery (2016/2013/2011), Galleri Ping Pong (2016/2009/2007), Malmö Konsthall (2010) and Landskrona museum (2010). She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, in Sweden as well as internationally, and has received several grants and awards, including the Swedish Photo Book Award 2014 for Nagoya Notebook (Sailor Press), the City of Malmö Cultural Award (2006) and the Robert Frank Award (2005).

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