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  • 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008
Time: 18-21
Live: Night Crotch & Mind Control Hands
Free admission

Saturday, February 16, is the second last day of the exhibition Jordens Undergång at KRETS. Come and look one last time before it is taken down. Do not miss the chance to see magnificent prints, drawings, photographs and a purple tent, while listening to the tunes of mysterious Night Crotch and Mind Control Hands.

The fog obscures the snow-capped mountaintop. Somewhere up there, Vietnam-veteran John Rambo is hiding. Suddenly you hear a piercing gurgling cry, as if coming from one hundred saliva-filled trumpets. A gigantic eagle, arguably at least ten feet between the tips of its wings, swoops down and destroys a gas station, a secondary school and a Taco Bell restaurant at the foot of the mountain. The eagle disappears into the fog. The silence settles again.