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  • 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Time: 20.00
Free admission

Two Tuesdays in a row, KRETS will screen documentaries by Alan Zweig from Canada. Tuesday, June 24, we begin with Vinyl (2000), which portrays a number of fanatical record collectors. Zweig, who himself belongs to this group, has established deep connections within the fandom and thereby found the collectors you never thought, or wished, existed.

Tuesday, July 1, we follow up with I, Curmudgeon (2004). Just like Vinyl, this film is based on a very simple storytelling concept. A number of eccentric personalities straightforwardly tell their stories, interspersed with scenes where Zweig shares his own introspective. In this film, the focus has been changed from record collectors to people with a radically cynical view of life, existence, everything. A collection of curmudgeons who without remorse complain over all the fucking shit this shit life has to offer. May seem a bit gloomy, perhaps. Not at all! In some strange way, there is an incredible charm in this pessimism, and some parts of the film even reach political dimensions. Hard to explain, but a must to see. The films start at 20:00, but feel free to come earlier since we will start with some odd short movies and art films at 19:00.