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  • 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008
DJ: Rok-Y
Time: 19.30-23
Entrance: 20 SEK

Daniel Skoglund is a sound artist who works with installation, sound and music performances, as well as pure sound compositions. For his performances, he designs and builds new electronical and mechanical devices, controlled by choice and chance. Until 2003, he was a member of the duo 8TUNNEL2, acclaimed for their concerts with electrified vegetables. Since then, he has collaborated with artists such as Hans Appelqvist, Lasse Marhaug and DJ Olive, but he primarily performs solo.

Sketches and Routines. Material and movement. Sound and Rhythm. By using self-designed mechanical and electrical devices, I once again lean on my faithful partner; chance.” – Daniel Skoglund

Jasmina Maschina makes pop music at its most beautiful and hypnotic. Folk-inspired simple melodies meet dark drones and suggestive soundscapes performed on guitar, piano, melodica and electronics. Released her debut album The Demolition Series (Staubgold/Armed Orphan) earlier this year and is also one half of the experimental duo Minit.

Jasmina Maschina’s folk soundscapes transport you into her unique world of song. She melds the most simple and innocent chord progressions of time-honoured folk music with a noisenik’s attraction to repetition, drone and inventiveness to create the sensation of paresthesia, tingling on both the skin and mind.

Golden Diskó Ship is a solo project by Theresa Stroetges from Berlin. Under this alias she makes music with fragile layers of guitar drones, toy instruments, found objects, glockenspiel, computer-composed beats and dreamy vocals. Live, the music is accompanied by self-made video projections.

Golden Diskó Ship is a one-girl-band. A mix of an original and personable guitar style, found objects, toy instruments, computer beats and sounds, and layered vocals with self-made video projections, drawing you into a unique, beautiful and immersive world of music and

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