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  • 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008
Time: 19.00
Entrance: 20 SEK

This duo may act as a substitute for the canceled gig with Mouthus. Both circulate within the American indie-noise-rock scene and both consist of drums and guitar – but Sic Alps also add vocals. I get some clear swamp rock vibes (Stooges etc.), but with hints to 60s garage music, plus one foot in the indie rock of the 90s. Will be rad! The band has released three full-length records and a bunch of singles and cassettes.” – Rickard Daun (SINGSANG)

Jonas Höglund’s solo project. Jonas has spoilt us with good music for over 10 years; from the rattling cassettes with the garage band The Daunbeats, via ”fast tracker”-synth/electro pieces, to his monotonous heavy-noise-drone-rock. Hard to put a finger on exactly how his music sounds, but whether he uses guitar, synth, ds, computer or electric violin, it nevertheless sounds damn much like Jonas in the end. With the two previous CD-r releases on rev/vega rec., I have worked myself through only 10 % of this treasure of tunes, so I’ll release a new one this very day!” – Rickard Daun (SINGSANG)

Thanks to Folkuniversitetet.