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  • 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Time: 20.00
Free admission

La Antena
 (2007) by Esteban Sapir:
“The city without voice”
is ruled with an iron fist by media mogul Mr TV, who is in total control of all spoken word and images, and who forces everyone to eat his own brand of TV-food. Mr TV is a monopolist, a personalization of totalitarism. He and his underlings secretly work on a hypnosis machine, which will enable them to reach their ultimate goal; to overtake control over the citizens’ senses through broadcasting. To achieve this goal, he has kidnapped the charismatic singer La Voz, the only citizen who still has her voice left. But a former employee at the channel witnesses the kidnapping, and together with his daughter he decides to put an end to Mr TV’s vicious plans. La Antena is a modern and stylistic silent movie pastiche with fairytale elements, always on the border of the naïve. Its lust for experimentation sparkles as it moves further away from traditional forms of movie making. There are clear hints to German expressionists such as Fritz Lang and Friedrich Murnau, mixed with a large dose of modern fantasy and movies from e.g. Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Car. Visually, La Antena is a never-ending feast for the eye and mind, but it is its unrestrained and innovative play with typography that makes it stand out from others. And quite a lot!