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  • 2009

August 22 – 29, 2009

Opening reception Saturday, August 22 (18-21) with a production/presentation of new work by Katarina Nitsch & Beatrice Ehrström. Further opening hours: 16-18 (all days).

Ersta Konsthall was established in 2006, in a little nook. I declared myself director of the 3,75 square meters and started to produce exhibitions with Swedish and international artists. The small gallery grew with time, not size-wise, but in intensity. In 2007 I started to collaborate with two curators, Sofia Curman and Paola Zamora. Together, we initiated a sound archive. We decided to let anyone participate and received around 200 contributions. The sound archive has since then toured around to different institutions in Sweden and abroad. In each new place, the archive has been activated and expanded. Ersta Konsthall has moved out of the little nook and materialized itself in different contexts. I work alone with the project again, mainly exploring different exhibition formats and distribution forms.” – Linus Elmes, director of Ersta Konsthall

August 22 will shine a new light on Ersta Konsthall’s sound archive. The exhibition/presentation at KRETS will not only be its first public presentation in Malmö. It will also be donated to radiowy.se, who from this point will be the archive’s trustee. radiowy.se has previously published three sound pieces from the archive, selected by director Linus Elmes, but this time they will present the whole archive, containing hundreds of sound pieces, which will be on display for one week.

radiowy.se is a platform for production and distribution, mainly of radio plays and text-based sound art. The interest for communication, language and text is a focus for radiowy.se, who wants to act as a meeting point for literature, art and drama – moving freely between these fields and at the same time create a context where they can merge.

By acting as a channel for distribution and presentation, radiowy.se wants to enable and highlight artistic production and experimentations in an aesthetic field, which for a long time has lacked distribution forms in Sweden.

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