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  • 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009
Time: 12-16
Free admission

With Sound of the Sun, Mats Björk tries to find a way to listen to the sun and at the same time investigate the boundary between instrument and phonogram. For the transformation of sunlight to sound, Mats Björk has built a note generator driven and controlled by solar cells. To render the attributes of a phonogram, these components have been given the shape of a conventional CD package.

The composition is driven by sunlight and by connecting the object to a pair of headphones, you will be able to listen to the piece without access to power or batteries. The note generator’s oscillations are carefully tuned so that when the cover’s lid is open and in clear daylight, it will render the powerful energy of the sun. The pitch is driven by the intensity of the sunlight, which makes the listener experience the notes’ interrelations and their connection to light. Through a more active interaction with the sun, or explorations of other kinds of light, the piece moves on to a more chaotic experimental phase, where the role as a passive listener slowly turns into that of a musician.

Sound of the Sun is released in an edition of 24 copies, which together represent The Sound of the Sun Orchestra. Saturday, December 19, these will be presented as an installation at KRETS. The copies will be for sale at komplott.com starting Monday, December 21.

Mats Björk is a sound artist with an active past in different constellations and styles, who nowadays works solo under the parole ‘free composition’. Sound of the Sun is the third release in Komplott’s Maginot series. The series started with Ronnie Sundin in 2008, through the project Very Friendly. The editions in the series are considered as sidetracks to traditional releases, with a purpose to present music in a way that differs from conventional publication forms.

During a period of the year when we lack of light, Komplott releases two sun-related titles. Aside from Mats Björk’s Sound of the Sun, they just released Ronnie Sundin’s LP Sunspots. This edition was released in 50 copies, all with handmade covers and labels. Sundin and Björk will perform one set each Saturday, December 19.