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  • 2009

January 9 – 11, 2009
Time: 19-23 (Friday), 13-17 (Saturday) & 14-17 (Sunday)
Free admission

Three days in January, KRETS arranges a festival with focus on documentary- and art film. We will present Swedish as well as international films, together with guest-appearances by Curare Art Movement and the artist Erik Bünger, who will show and discuss their work.

By focusing on and overlapping these seemingly opposite disciplines, we want to explore and open up for a discussion about the fields in between fact and fiction and reality and art, as well as our notions of these dichotomies.

The festival is free of charge and supported by the Culture Department of Malmö and Folkuniversitetet. See program below.

Thanks to Sandra Juto, who designed the festival poster.


Friday, January 9 (19-23)
The festival will start with some short films and mingle. From 19.00, the walls at KRETS will be filled with moving images by Sofia Hultin, Signe Aarestrup, Thomas Dahl, Gabriel Watson, Frank Aschberg, Olof Broström and Gustav Hillbom.

Saturday, January 10 (13-17)
On the Saturday, KRETS will present three film blocks, starting with a collaboration with the organization Curare Art Movement, who will show various art film classics. This will be followed by a presentation by the artist Erik Bünger, who will show a selection of his work. Last but not least, we will screen two animated short films by Peter Larsson, who showed his work at KRETS in connection to the exhibition project 4:4 in 2007.

13.00-14.00: Curare Art Movement

14.30-16.30: Erik Bünger x 3
A Lecture on Schizophonia (2008), Gospels (2006) and God Moves on the Water (2008)

16.30-17.00: Short films by Peter Larsson
Mannen som inte kom nån vart (2005) and Människorna och valen (2008)

Sunday, January 11 (14-17)

Last day of the festival we will screen the documentary Some Kinda Vocation (2007) by Cheryl Dunn, followed by David Liljemark’s Horst and a selection of video work by Martin Heuser, Andreas Kurtsson and Theresa von Hofsten.

14.00-15.30: Some Kinda Vocation (2007) by Cheryl Dunn

16.00-17.00: Horst (2006) by David Liljemark and a section of short films by Andreas Kurtsson, Theresa von Hofsten and Martin Heuser

More information about Curare Art Movement: