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  • 2009

August 5 – 9, 2009
 18-21 (Wednesday), 12-18 (Thursday-Saturday) & 11-16 (Sunday)
Free admission

Opening reception Wednesday, August 5 (18-21), with a live performance by text- and sound duo Eldh/Haglund

Wednesday, August 5, the duo Eldh/Haglund will present a performance that mixes techno and intricate sound experiments with avant-poetry and politically flavored agitatoria. All well combined. Eldh/Haglund performed at Textival’s after party in March and it is with joy that they bring the duo to Malmö.

Ljudbok 2.0 is a selection of recorded written words that you do not want to miss. This spring and summer, Textival’s Ljudbok 2.0 has been on display at various venues. This is its first time in Malmö. Welcome by, bring a friend and get comfortable in the couch, the chair or on the floor – and embrace text material written by talented authors, in readings that will make your ears happy. Textival is an annual literature festival based in Gothenburg that always looks for new perspectives and collaborations. Stop by KRETS to get more information.

Ljudbok 2.0 presents texts by:

Ida Börjel
Last year Ida Börjel published her third poetry collection, Konsumentköpslagen, following Sond and Skåneradio. In Konsumentköpslagen, the Consumer and the Sales Person meet in a poetic juridical dialogue. The audio book presents a text- and sound composition in collaboration with the artist Mathias Kristersson.

Jenny Tunedal
Literature critic and poet who, among other things, has worked as an editor for Lyrikvännen. Last year her critically acclaimed poetry collection Kapitel Ett was released, in which she uses the forms of poems, novels, letters, diaries and non-fictions. Jenny Tunedal is also included in the anthology Serie Handflata 1–5.

The magazine Ful (Tidskriften Ful
This queer-feminist culture magazine has taken the step. As the first established media, they transform gender-bound words such as she (hon) and he (han) to the gender neutral HEN (Swedish). Last year they also launched Ful-radio. In the audio book we get to visit a queer dance class in Berlin.

Joakim Andersson & Annika Boholm
Joakim Andersson has contributed to the online periodical magazine Ett lysande namn. Annika Boholm is a poet, choreographer and writer. Together they read from the anthology Serie Handflata 1–5.                 

Petra Revenue
Debuts as director this fall, with the movie Karaokekungen. You can also spot her in short story- and novel form, but mostly as a driving force behind many of Teater Trixter’s productions. Here she gives us a reading in collaboration with the composer Björn Knutsson.

Tova Gerge & Athena Farrokhzad
Tova Gerge is a dramatist, writer and theater historian. In Stockholm Fria Tidning and Aftonbladet’s culture section, she delivers sharp comments about e.g. feminism and postmodern clusters. Here she reads from the anthology Serie Handflata 1–5 together with Athena Farrokhzad – poet, translator, writer and opinion former.

Sara Hallström
The poetry collections Vi måste ha protein and Rötter smälter are already classics in our hearts. In Gothenburg, Sara Hallström is known for her presence on the literature scene as well as a teacher for writing courses. She can also be spotted in the synth-/poetry constellation Tvi!Tvi!Tvi! In Textival’s audio book she reads from the anthology Serie Handflata 1–5.

Oldbrind Pseudonymf
Here we get to hear the first chapter of the audio version of the novel Folke Leter Efter Gud, recorded in collaboration with Habeat, a Stockholm-based rapper and producer.

Henrik Bromander
A cartoonist and writer who has made himself known for his strong ability to tell a good story. Bromander early got a reputation for his zines, initially entitled Mediokra serier. He recently released the book Allt jag rör vid försvinner, in which a selection cartoonists and illustrators have been invited to illustrate his short stories.

Isak Eldh is an artist who works mainly with sound. He has e.g. captured the sound of vibrating tape and examined the natural sounds of vegetables in 8tunnel2. Magnus Haglund is a journalist and cultural writer – also with an interest for sound and its possibilities. These subjects have a central role in his writings in daily press, magazines and books. Together they teach at Gerlsborsskolan and Valand.

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