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  • 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Time: 19-22 (readings start at exact 19.30)
Free admission

Rasmus Graff made his debut with patchwork (2008). Co-founder of the publication press 28/6 (28/6 2008 – 28/6 2009), active in the editorial staff for the publication studios Arena and Audiatur Bokhandel. Currently based in Copenhagen. Graff often works conceptually and with post-productive methods. In the recent issue of OEI he remixed Edith Södergran.

Peder Alexis Olsson is a poet based in Malmö. In October 2008, he made his debut with the poetry collection Tändstickor on OEI editör. The book functions as a linkage/machine for alternating current/building plans/image projection montages. In Svenska Dagbladet, he was accused for being a pseudonym and in a book review in Göteborgs-Posten, to have “his brain twisted inside-out”. He has contributed to magazines such as Kritiker, OEI, papi, Pequod and Subaltern. He also participated in SMS-lyrik at Lunds konsthall, in the exhibition The Invisible Landscapes (2006), and with the work Mehr Licht on Signal’s performance evening Shadow Play (2008). He is also part of the text- and sound-disturbance group Tre advokater. He currently works on a poetry script about sound, America and Morton Feldman, from which he will read this evening.

Pär Thörn is a writer who also works with electronic music, performances and sometimes conceptual art. Earlier this year he released his sixth book, Tidsstudiemannen, and in the beginning of 2010 he will release yet another (on Natur & Kultur). At KRETS he will read from a manuscript that is still under construction. Idiocy, causality and colorit soy is a promise.