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  • 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Time: 18-22
Free admission

Premiere, opening reception and closing ceremony – all in one day, and one day only!

Line Linde is a Malmö-based filmmaker who this evening will present a premiere screening of her video work Girls & based on Audionom’s song Girls & Boys and shot in Malmö. She will also show some other work produced the recent year.

2007 Linde appointed herself as Temporary Artist in connection to her exhibition Slöjmaskinen. Since then she has sporadically entered the role of an artist, to participate in the group shows The Sweded Session at KRETS (January 2010) and Exploitation Exultation in Chennai India (February 2010).

The films Patterns of sun with music by Mats Björk and Without a bottle will be looped during the evening.

Girls & will be screened once every half hour starting 18.15.