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  • 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Time: 19-20
Admission: 20 SEK

Premiere screening of VideoDirekt’s and Möllerfilm’s new Malmö movie! The sequel to Nobellvägen, Vi kan bättre själv, Mysigt på Möllan and Bra ställen att hänga i Malmö: DOM VILLE BLI NEWSHUNTER.

“In Stockholm, no one knew who he was, but in Malmö he was God: NEWSHUNTER.”
The gang from the movie Bra ställen att hänga i Malmö show that they can do it better themselves!

Us Girls
Megan Remy returns Malmö with her sparse scratchy pop, or as Volcanic Tongue choose to describe it: ”stripped-down song-forms and rock/roll specific minimalism. Aspects of Springsteen’s classic Nebraska, the first Suicide album, Meredith Monk and even Elvis Presley’s Sun Session (think of the late night-time sound of the original version of Blue Moon) are filtered through a diffuse fog of F/X and looped rhythms to generate a music that sounds like the after-image in space of primitive 20th century pop/rock culture.”