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  • 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Time: 20.30 (the film starts at 20.30 sharp)
Free admission
Nb! Limited seats and in Swedish, without subtitles.

KRETS invites you to a screening of Ny Musik För Hållbar Utveckling’s film Produkt No 3. There will be images and sounds from Rundgång, MOTVIKT, SINGSANG, Rasmus Svensson/Push the Button, KRETS, among others.

NMFHU describe their film:
“Most people associate the first three months of 2010 with extreme coldness, snow chaos and an undermined infrastructure. One of our largest free daily papers recently presented the headlines “Congratulations! You survived the cold winter!” During these cold months, we started an ambitious film project, where we set out to describe something that could be considered a movement, or maybe a scene. We want to show a selection of various participants that differ from each other geographically as well as interest-wise, but who also have something in common. You get to see live recordings of gigs with Optic Nest and Your Holy Wisdom, loads of cassettes, the dirt at Utmarken in Gothenburg and the art at KRETS. You get to hear about the sociolect of noise music, why Gothenburg is better than Stockholm, and what the band Smycken and the movie Jurassic Park have in common.”