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  • 2011

August, Tuesday 9, 2011
Free admission

On her way home from Poland, MAG returns for a longed-for visit at KRETS. With her this time, she brought Akes Rets, also member of bands such as Skull Defekts and DBHG. Christian Pallin (Koloni) will play records and KRETS will host the event together with SINGSANG.

MAG is a solo project signed Magdalena Ågren, a former member of Surplus People. She works with live samplings, using trombone, megaphone, guitar and various sounds. Twisted pop tunes are built from scratch to form a dystopian lo-fi cacophony.

Akes Rets has played in bands like Repoman, Dead Vows, Skull Defekts, Irni, Seven Feet Four, DBHG and the Colour Black. With a guitar, a record player, his voice and a fist full of effect pedals, he creates slow drone with furious shouts and lyrics about misery, loneliness and darkness. To amplify these themes he will screen a collection of his films.

Thanks to Folkuniversitetet.