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  • 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Time: 19-21
Free admission

19.30: Reading followed by a concert with cassette tape recorders, radio and objects.

Also: books and mulled wine.

With his book Vid närmare undersökning visar sig bilden vara ett namn, Pär Thörn continues the work he started with his previous book, Alla platser där du inte läser detta (released by Rönnells antikvariat). Here, he gathers a collection of one-liners with meta-references to reading, writing, technology and literature. The result lands somewhere between wittiness, language philosophy and new concrete and non-referring words.

Pär Thörn is a writer, musician and conceptual artist. He debuted in 2002 with Kändisar som jag har dela ut post till and his most recent book was Vad innebär det att föreslå någonting (Låsningar) on Pequod Press. Over the years, Thörn has released several books and performed both in Sweden and abroad. He currently lives in Berlin, where he eats börek, writes satanic black metal texts, considers books to be time containers, spells his way through the complete works of Gerhard Rühm and listens to sinus tones.