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  • 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011
Time: 18-21
Free admission

This Friday KRETS invites you to a release party for Eva Björkstrand’s new comic- and drawing book Lokal Dimma, published by Kolik Förlag. In Lokal Dimma we get to meet dogs with artistic ambitions, an arrogant pig, helpful field mice that offer you raisins, and squirrels that have a party in a pine tree. But far from everyone with fur and tail is sweet. The animals arm themselves, and equipped with weapons and chainsaws they start to attack each other. Who can you really trust? The local mist rolls in and the plot thickens. Reach out a hand and find a paw in yours.

Eva Björkstrand is an artist and illustrator. She is based in Malmö and educated at Valand Academy in Gothenburg and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi) in Copenhagen. In her work, she explores autobiographical storytelling, with surreal or absurd elements. As the main character in her imagery, we often find her alter ego, while the other characters are often animals with human attributes. Threat, hope and escapism with a hint of humor are often central themes. Her debut book Kioskvältaren was released 2006 by Kartago Förlag.

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