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  • 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012
Time: 12-17
Last day for signing up is March 25

KRETS arranges a one-day workshop with Canadian artist Amy Lockhart, who is currently exhibiting at the gallery. For one afternoon we invite you to explore the basic techniques of stop-motion animation. The workshop starts with a presentation by the artist, including a screening of some of her own animations. After this, the participants will be given an introduction of techniques and materials in order to start making their own collages, paperfigures and other objects, which will eventually be put together in a collaborative animated short film.

Last day to sign up is March 25 and the workshop charge is 100 SEK, which includes material, coffee and sandwiches. For questions and to sign up, contact us on krets@krets.info. Nb! Limited seats.

About the artist:
Amy Lockhart (b. 1975) is based in Canada where she works as a filmmaker, animator and artist. Ladies is her first solo exhibition outside of Canada and includes a series of paintings, drawings and sculptures that circles around mass-produced conceptions of body ideal and identity. Throughout Lockhart’s practice – from working processes to materials and aesthetics – there are clearly articulated hints to what is often referred to as low- or popular culture. Lockhart’s films have been shown on various international film festivals and received awards for its unique expression. Lockhart is currently working on her feature film Dizzler in MASKHERAID – a story about a superstar that can shoot laser from her eyes and who returns to her hometown for revenge, after having spent some time in rehab.

Watch the trailer: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1352934276/dizzler-in-maskheraid

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