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  • 2012

August 8 – 12, 2012
Time: 17-20 (Wednesday), 14-17 (Friday) & 12-15 (Saturday-Sunday)

This week KRETS shows zombies made during last weekend’s workshop with Shoboshobo. For three days, body parts and different attributes were constructd in papier-mâché and other materials. Now, we will present the zombies in an exhibition made in collaboration with the following participants:

Hugo Hernqvist
Peter Larsson
Jacob Lindell
Linus Lindell
Antje Nilsson
Daniel Nilsson
Johan Sjöstedt
Ebba Tham
Anna Wagner
Nico Wagner
+ Shoboshobo

Thanks to the Culture Department of Malmö, Skåne Regional Council and the Swedish Arts Council.