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  • 2012

August 18 – 19, 2012
Time: 11-19

What will the national hymn sound like one thousand years from now? Will it be played on already existing instruments – which even today are over hundred years old – or will it be played on electronic, anatomic or mechanic instruments not yet invented? In the workshop, the participants will confront these questions, followed by a task to construct their own instruments. These will later be part of an ensemble-based installation in which visitors can perform and present their own suggestions of national hymns for the next millennium.

Day 1: The workshop starts with a short introduction and continues with instrument-making using found materials.

Day 2: The participants will present their constructions and collaboratively build an installation in the gallery space.

The workshop will be held in Swedish and English.

Thanks to the Culture Department of Malmö, Skåne Regional Council and the Swedish Arts Council.